Project Description

We carry out repairs, maintenance and OHH for Linc across all their stockholding in support of their DLO, and handle c. 9000 repair calls per annum. Works are completed using a ‘whole house’ approach, so when we visit a repair call, and our operatives complete mini surveys of the property assets. We will then advise if an element needs replacing – this could be due to a pre Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) standard installation which needs replacing, or wear and tear on the existing install which is proving uneconomical to repair. We also support Linc by carrying out disrepair works across their stock.

 As the sole provider to Linc Cymru, we are working closely with the repairs and maintenance project team to improve the overall ‘journey’ of a repair for the end user. This was a 12-month project, which involved tenants, the Linc Board and Executive Teams from Linc and LCB to improve customer feedback and satisfaction. One of the outcomes of the project has been to move away from the typical category-based repairs service and move to Emergency (immediate response) and Non-Emergency (mutually appointed with the resident).

This project has resulted in customer satisfaction going up by over 20% in that period and has shaped the way that Linc ask us to deliver their repairs and maintenance. We have closer involvement in the scheduling and making decisions on works which are below our self-authorisation limit, closer and clearer dialogue with surveyors to get responses quicker before works go out of date, access to Connect for their staff to see ‘live’ data, a compliance programme introduced and maintained, regular KPI meetings, and involvement from all stakeholders.