Project Description

We deliver planned maintenance works, void refurbishment (including kitchen and bathroom works), general building works and disabled adaptations works for Alliance across their stock holding in North Somerset and Avon.

Works are issued on an ad-hoc basis and involve a full strip out and installation of new items. Alliance’s preferred kitchen manufacturer is Benchmarx. Each K&B has tenant choice options, and we are also able to offer a higher spec kitchen to tenants, who agree to pay the difference for the enhanced option. At our survey meeting, we detail the full choices available and provide costings for any enhanced specification requirements. This is then issued to Alliance for approval, and tenants must pay the difference prior to the items being ordered. We also work flexibly with tenants if they have a preferred tile or paint, they wish to supply that we can use during the works, again with approval from Alliance.

Major voids works completed for Alliance also included full kitchen and bathroom upgrades, and if the new tenant is known, then we can accommodate tenant choice options, which are made via their housing team. We also accommodate tenancy visits whilst we are working in voids to ensure we support Alliance in maximising their rental income.

We also deliver individual DFG works which are tendered via mini competition as part of both their disabled adaptations framework, and individual DFG grant works, which are administered via North Somerset Council.