Our values have been borne from our experience, of who we are as a business and what we stand for

Integrity: we challenge anything which doesn’t seem right, and never “walk past”, and we encourage and empower our staff to speak up. We live by this commitment: to be honest and to always do the right thing whenever we can

Excellence: providing a high-quality value for money service which delights our clients

Teamwork: working as one team; we are all responsible for each other, supporting and working to exceed customer expectations as the norm

Respect: we respect the homes of residents, respect our work colleagues and our clients, and we work hard to build an inclusive, diverse, and welcoming company that represents the communities in which we work

With this in mind our staff set out every day to ensure that we deliver what we say we can. Our success to date has been built from the cornerstones of excellent customer care and service delivery. Through living our values LCB has flourished into a reputable and well-respected contractor.

Managing Director’s Statement to our staff

Our reputation is a key business asset – indeed it is fundamental to our long-term success. It gives our customers, employees, partners, suppliers, investors and the many communities that we serve the confidence to trust us and do business with us. A good reputation is hard won, but easily lost. One decision, by one person taken without thinking, can have a far-reaching impact across the Group. It only takes one decision to choose wrong over right, one failure to ask if this is what we stand for and to act accordingly.

Quite rightly, the scrutiny to which companies are subjected is increasing and the standards expected of us are rising. Usually, what is wrong and what is right seems obvious. Even where it is not, a little careful thought usually leads to the right answer. However, we are all busy working in a busy, complicated business, and providing explicit guidance where possible is an important safeguard against mistakes and their consequences. But I ask you all to do more than just follow rules. In fact, just following the rules doesn’t mean people necessarily do the right thing either. So as well as complying with all laws and regulations wherever we operate, and with our own standards, which can be stricter, we must apply our principles and values. I want you at all times to ask yourself,

“Is this the right thing to do? Is this what we stand for?”

This code gives us all a clear framework within which to make decisions.

By applying your good judgement to the principles set out here, guided by the values that underpin them, you can play your part in upholding our reputation. Please join me in making sure that, individually and collectively, we always do the right thing. I urge you to challenge any unethical, dishonest, unacceptable or questionable behaviour, and to speak up when you see things that don’t match our standards.

Liam Bevan Managing Director of LCB Group

Managing Director of LCB

LCB is proud to hold the following accreditations and awards to demonstrate our commitment
to excellence and providing our clients with peace of mind