LCB Group aims to become part
of the communities in which we operate

We know each community is unique and with this in mind our Liaison Officer spends time getting to know the neighbours, tenants, building occupiers and local businesses in order for us to improve our knowledge of the community.

We are proud to operate within our accreditation of Considerate Contractors and operate in a way that complements our company ethos. We currently work closely with working links and local colleges to ensure we are providing training and career opportunities to local people and create jobs.

LCB Charity

We have also supported the
following local sports clubs

As sport promotes a healthy lifestyle, it in turn promotes a healthy community which is important to the success of the communities we work in. We have contributed to different sports groups in various different ways over the last few years.

LCB Group have also
made donations/support

Donations happen in many different ways. At LCB Group we will always assess what is the best way we can contribute to a charity whether that be through a cash donation, free labour donation  or equipment.

LCB is proud to hold the following accreditations and awards to demonstrate our commitment
to excellence and providing our clients with peace of mind